Yes, it's true! The Clay Center of Santa Fe will be closing our doors permanently on December 30th.

On December 6th we will be starting our Going Out of Business Sale for the general public;
Things for sale include but are not limited to:

Wheel tables, drying racks, hand building tables, pottery supplies, retail fixtures, office supplies, buckets, pail dollies, and much more. Supplies are limited so be sure to mark the date December 6th as a day to come in and browse for equipment that you might want or need.

Please note: We are not accepting phone orders for equipment or reading off the list of things for sale on the phone or in an email, you must come into the store in order to view the items for sale. All sale items are final and are for in store purchases only, no custom orders.

Items that are left over will be donated to our favorite charity!

A special thank you to all of our loyal members!