The Clay Center of Santa Fe Studio is Open - 'COVID Restrictions Will Apply' - Walk-ins or Curbside for Retail - 505-930-1273

We Will Be Firing Our New Laguna Gas Kiln For The First Time Friday April 9th 2021 .... Oh Boy Oh Boy Oh Boy! ... Finally! ... Spring Classes Are In Session Now ... Our Summer Classes Will Begin June 14th 2021 and are Posted under Classes

Welcome to the Clay Center of Santa Fe

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For the amateur potter to the professional, we bring you:

Mission statement

About us

Our mission is to fill a void in the current market, providing exceptional clay-making and retail facilities to a range of communities in Santa Fe, from interested amateurs to established artists, from impressionable teens to experienced seniors. We are excited about bringing these diverse groups together within a high-quality, spacious and health-conscious environment, while creating exciting new employment opportunities and a strong and profitable business.

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Channeling creative energy, designing unique ceramic art

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