The Clay Center of Santa Fe Studio is Open - 'COVID Restrictions Will Apply' - Walk-ins or Curbside for Retail - 505-930-1273

Our Gas Kiln is Now Firing .... We Offer Both Cone 6 and Cone 10 Firing to Members and Non-Members. Our Summer Classes Will Begin June 14th 2021 and Are Posted Under Classes; Only a Few Spots Left ... Don't Be Left Out On The Fun This Summer!

Welcome to the Clay Center of Santa Fe

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For the amateur potter to the professional, we bring you:

Mission statement

About us

Our mission is to fill a void in the current market, providing exceptional clay-making and retail facilities to a range of communities in Santa Fe, from interested amateurs to established artists, from impressionable teens to experienced seniors. We are excited about bringing these diverse groups together within a high-quality, spacious and health-conscious environment, while creating exciting new employment opportunities and a strong and profitable business.

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Channeling creative energy, designing unique ceramic art

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