Our core values

About us

Santa Fe is home to a vast and vibrant community of artists. Any number of other people, including senior citizens and young adults, stand to gain from the myriad therapeutic benefits offered by playing with clay and creating treasurable end products.

The Clay Center of Santa Fe LLC is determined to give something back to our wonderful Santa Fe community, providing solid training and career development to a number of employees. We offer an unparalleled quality of environment for group and private artwork. We also provide a large retail space, selling all tools and equipment required for ceramic art, which were previously not easily available to Santa Fe residents. The Clay Center of Santa Fe LLC is a carefully structured business with long-term plans to inspire existing and potential artists, as well as to have a consistency to fulfil the demand of aspiring artists and new customers.

Our overall aim is to create a long-term sustainable and profitable business, bringing together cross-sections of the community in the enriching and therapeutic art of ceramics. Established artists will, at last, have high-quality yet affordable facilities to improve their skills and display their art. Santa Fe’s large community of retirees and senior citizens will have the opportunity to socialize and keep mentally and physically active. Young adults attending college will be able to learn new skills at The Clay Center of Santa Fe LLC, which we expect still to be in existence long after they have left school.

Company philosophy and values

Five words encapsulate the fundamental values of The Clay Center of Santa Fe:

  • Quality
  • Enterprise
  • Community
  • Art
  • Well-being

We will provide excellent and spacious facilities, equipped with high-quality equipment and tools. Our wide range of classes, memberships and retail opportunities will be available to anyone within the Santa Fe community, uniting different sectors of society in pleasurable and rewarding activities. Ceramic art provides a therapeutic reward to people of any level of ability, and we will place a strong focus on improving our visitors’ confidence, in both their artistic abilities and themselves.

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