Center Staff

Center Staff

Our founders and amazing staff members

Dori Bolen

Founder and CEO

Dori is a mixed-media artist raised in California, who from an early age nurtured her creativity in a variety of fields. She studied theatre and majored in dramatic arts. She enjoyed a career in dance, gaining a teaching degree and running her own dance classes for eight years. Dori later gained a degree in computer science, which lead her to become The Worldwide IT Director and Financial Systems Director of a multi-billion dollar company in Silicon Valley. After the downturn in technology in 2002, Dori focused on developing and nurturing her love of art. She then founded and developed ADoriables® and has exhibited her mixed-media artwork widely, nationally as well as internationally. She has been featured in the Worldwide Guild of  Découpeurs, in Renaissance Magazine, and in a wide variety of newspapers for festivals and exhibitions. She has shown at events with Northern Californian artists, at Pacific Fine Arts festivals, and with the Contemporary Crafts Market in Pasadena. Dori has been commissioned to compose artwork for the S.J. Peploe exhibition at the Scottish National Gallery of Modern Art. Dori was also commissioned to create several limited-edition collections for the grand opening of the new visitor center and shop of The Huntington Library in San Marino California, and continues to supply artwork to three major stores in California & Utah. Her focus now is to develop and build a much-needed large-scale ceramic facility that accommodates the entire clay community in Santa Fe, New Mexico. 

Brent Bolen

Co-Founder and CTO

“The wind beneath my wings”, Brent was raised in California, receiving his degree in electronic engineering at Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo. His career involved software development and programming in top companies in the Bay Area, such as Trimble Navigation and Reuters. While at Trimble, Brent worked on a team of software engineers, who developed vehicle tracking, which was available to ambulances and firetrucks. He is now a volunteer for Hondo Fire and Rescue, and his hobbies include ceramics slip casting and photography. Brent built The Clay Center’s many clay racks and wedging tables and maintains our security system. He excels at making sure our building is functional and operating well for our customers. 

Toni Lipton

Lead Studio Technician

After a 28-year career playing bassoon with the Metropolitan Opera, Toni Lipton Temple turned her focus to working in ceramics. She says, “Ceramics, like music, focuses on line, clarity, texture, changes of color and volume.” Toni worked as a studio monitor and studio tech at Santa Fe Clay for 12 years. She has attended workshops with Steven Roberts, Charity Davis Woodard, Logan Wannamaker, Blair Meerfeld, Akira Satake, Shozo Michikawa, Julia Galloway, Sam Chung, Joe Pintz, Fred Spaulding, Jeff Oesterich, Steven Hill, Quinn Mayer, and Yutaka Kawahito. She assisted workshops with Tom Jaszczak, Mark Pharis, Jose Sierra, Randy Johnston, and Brian Kluge. Her work was exhibited in the invitational shows “Handle With Care”, "Cups, Hundreds of Cups”, and "Cups, Cups, Cups” as well as juried show “In House.” Toni makes functional work for people to use and enjoy.

Jesus Trujillo

Studio Monitor

Meet Jesus; a detail oriented individual with the ability to keep us organized and clean while learning a new hobby called 'Working with Clay'. Jesus comes to us with a  B.A. in Interdisciplinary arts with a focus on Journalism and Photography. No job is too small for Jesus and he is always willing to learn and be helpful to all. He is also available for anyone who needs their artwork photographed we encourage you to just stop by and have a chat with him about it.

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