Firing Fees and Kiln Rental Policy

Firing Fees and Kiln Rental Policy


There are two options for firing your work at CCSF:

  1. Communal firing processes (∆04 Bisque and ∆6 Glaze Oxidation) with ‘per cubic inches’ firing fees.

  2. Rent the whole oxidation kiln for 'per kiln' firing fees.

If you choose option one your work can be dropped off any time during our business hours Mon- Saturday 10-5.

If you choose the second option of renting the whole kiln, please call us at 505-930-1273 or email Or you may come by to talk to us in person to discuss details and to schedule your firing.

Normally your pieces should be finished firing and ready to be picked up after 7~10 days. Although depending on our class and workshop schedules this could take longer.

Please do not call us to find out if your work is ready to be picked up. We will contact you when they are.

You may also request for rushed firing (ready in 3~4 days) with additional fees, depending upon our kiln schedule availability.


Firing policies and guidelines

  • All members and non-members will need to sign our disclaimer to fire their pieces.
  • All kilns will be loaded, programmed, fired and unloaded by CCSF staff only.
  • We fire our electric (oxidation) kilns up to ∆6 only.
  • Payment must be made at drop off and no refunds will be given once pieces are fired.
  • It is important to note; If your work causes any damage to our kilns, kiln furniture, and/or other artists’ work, due to your glazes, glazing techniques and/or the construction of your pieces, you will be charged accordingly for the replacement and/or repair that may happen because of it.
  • We do not allow firing of non-commercial glazes that were made outside of our facility.
  • Any firings with special requests and programming are subject to additional fees.
  • Firing greenware in a glaze firing is prohibited.
  • Up to 2 individuals can share to rent a whole kiln
  • Please bring your work wrapped in papers instead of cloth materials.




For Communal Firing

Bisque Firing (∆06)

  • Members - $0.02 per cubic inches
  • Non-members - $0.04 per cubic inches

Glaze Firing (∆6)

  • Members - $0.02 per cubic inches
  • Non-members - $0.04 per cubic inches

To calculate per the cubic inch price

  1. Measure the height, width and depth of each piece.

  2. Multiply the height x width x depth, this will give you the total cubic inches of your piece.

  3. Multiply the total cubic inches by $0.04.

Example 5”x 4”x 6” = 120 cubic inch x $0.04 = $4.80

For Renting a Whole Kiln - Electric Only

Skutt KMTs (27”x 28”x 28”)

  • Members $85
  • Non-members $100

Skutt Glazetech (9”x 14”x 14”)

  • Members $30
  • Non-Members $40


~ Additional Fees ~

Loading Fees (Only if you are renting a whole kiln)
$20 for KMTs
$10 for Glazetech

  • Rush Fees: $30
  • Extra Preheat Fees: $2 per additional hour over 6 hours
  • Any additional Programming: $30

*All the prices above are before tax