Intermediate/Advanced Wheel Throwing Monday Afternoons with Carolyn Livesey - Perfect Imperfections

Intermediate/Advanced Wheel Throwing - Carolyn Livesey - Monday Afternoons - Class Closed

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Monday Afternoons 1:30pm - 4:30pm - 8 week course - Starting September 13th

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    Mon, 13 Sep 2021

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Perfect Imperfections - Perfect Imperfections with Carolyn Livesey

Monday Afternoons  (1:30pm - 4:30pm) - Carolyn Livesey - 8-week course.

This class will cover refining lips, rims, feet, hips, shoulders and bottoms of your vessels, that is where the perfection comes in. By the end of the class you will be able to throw the shapes you want without having to trim the shapes your want. If you can center on the wheel and feel comfortable making cups, bowls, vases and etc, then please join us for this amazing course learning new ways to tone and improve your skills on the wheel.

The Imperfections will cover distortion, manipulation and reconstruction of your perfectly thrown vessels. Your project may be an addition(s) of other thrown pieces, hand built pieces, found objects or simple bending and stretching of the vessel itself. You will only be limited by your imagination. The finished product may be utilitarian or completely sculptural in nature.

Let your mind and imagination have fun!

Carolyn Livesey received a degree in art and is where she fell in love with pottery. It was the best of all the mediums she worked with: sculpture, painting and drawing. With the immediate gratification of throwing a pot and the magic of opening the glaze fired kiln, pottery became a passion.

This class is open to intermediate/advanced level students who have wheel throwing experience and are bored with the ordinary and ready to think outside the box.

What’s included in this class:

  • 1-$20 Clay Coupon.
  • Glazes and slips used for class pieces
  • 24x24x12 personal shelf with an additional clay shelf.
  • Break room locker with lock for personal belongings.
  • Community clay tools will be available for use during classroom hours.
  • Students enrolled in classes will be allowed open studio/limited access (3-days a week) during the 8-week sessions.
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