Tapped Coil Workshop with Erik Gellert - August 27th and 28th

Tapped Coil Workshop with Erik Gellert

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Friday August 27th and Saturday August 28th from 9:30am - 4:30pm - Two Day 6 Hr Course

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    Fri, 27 Aug 2021

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Tapped Coil Workshop with Erik Gellert

In this two day hands on workshop we will explore the fundamentals of the tapped coil technique—hand rolled coils are tapped into place, one on top of the next, allowing the form of the coils to remain intact completely. This method of hand building allows the clay artist to explore elements of design, line, and pattern within the building technique itself. Topics covered will include: selecting a clay body, rolling small coils, tapping coils into place, finishing techniques to accentuate texture, and arid climate construction considerations. Participants in this workshop will have the opportunity to create several small or one medium sized functional or sculptural work under the guidance of Erik H Gellert, developer of this technique. All skill levels are encouraged to participate.

  • Presenter Erik H Gellert
  • Two Day - 6 hour course - Friday August 27th and Saturday August 28th - 9:30 - 4:30 1 hour break for lunch

Erik H Gellert is an artist based in Lamy, New Mexico. His aptitude for the arts first emerged out of the medium of clay leading him to pursue the study of drawing and painting. He applied these skills working as a preservationist, collaborating with historians to recreate wall textures and color schemes in many notable homes including the Frank Lloyd Wright Home and Studio. He moved from Chicago to Santa Fe in 2011 to pursue advanced studies in ceramics at Santa Fe Community College and is currently the ceramics technician and adjunct faculty at SFCC.

Gellert’s work is a manifestation of the visionary experience he had in the midst of a ceramics class that revealed to him the myriad possibilities that he and clay would have working together. He considers these works to be artifacts from a place outside of time and space, bringing pieces of the infinite into finite reality.

Erik H Gellert Website

What's Included: $15 clay coupon, firing of your workshop pieces.
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